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Volunteer for CCA!

On February 13th, members from the TQE team did some volunteer work for the Children’s Cancer Association. The CCA is in Portland, Oregon and they provide programs and resources to children with cancer all across the nation.

Each Valentine’s Day the CCA hosts a telethon to raise money for the children, and this year TQE got to participate! We showed up at 5 AM on Monday morning and were ready to answer some phones. We spent the next 4 hours answering phones and taking donations from those who called in. It was a great experience, as we got to hear stories from children who had been helped by the CCA and people calling in who had been touched by cancer in some way and wanted to express their gratitude.

We had a great time and will definately want to participate in this event in the future. During their 2 day telethon, the CCA was able to raise over $440k for the children in their programs! TQE is proud to have been a part of such a great event and we look forward to next year.

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4 Comments to “Volunteer for CCA!”

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    • TQE Marketing says:

      We do mobile marketing for many clients around the world. Email Ryan for some more details of what we’re doing on mobile devices rgarrow@tqemarketing.com

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  2. Accu says:

    Just drove by today along Francisco St. Lots of equipment and mtaerials already being set-up on this property, including some hi-lifts (JLG).By the way, according to the CRA memorandum dated Dec. 1, 2011 this will be a 23-story building, not 22, unless I’m mistaken.I agree with Ryan’s observations about the place. Hope the zoning allows more residential and diverse business ventures in this area. Mixed-use concepts like commercial below and residential on top is good, but how about stage performances/shows in bars/restaurants mixed in with retail shops in the same building? Also, business frontage in the area needs to be better designed like Club Nokia and the bowling place. Other than signage, everything is set back and you can’t even imagine how the place looks like from the sidewalks. How about walkways that go above the streets instead of cluttering the intersections with foottraffic. Not only will it provide less wait-times for the crosswalks, but it will be safer as density in the area increases. Anyways, those are just a few thoughts. Hope the area improves over time